Test Preparation

We can help you prepare for your test! We offer a 1 hour test preparation lesson just before the test which focuses solely on helping you pass your upcoming driving test!

Our experienced and highly experienced instructors will drive you around your designated test area to familiarise you with the roads and traffic signs so that you are prepared for the exam.

Your driving skills will be analyzed, and your instructor will be able to help you in improving them if necessary..

You will be given tips and tactics on how to pass the test, as well as information on what the test officers will be looking for and how the test will be assessed.

Our instructors are familiar with the areas surrounding the following testing centres.


Driving lesson and test Packages

Service Automtic
1Hour Lesson $60
5Hour Lesson $275
10Hour Lesson $550
20Hour Lesson $1000
Driving test with car hire                                                     $170