Driving School Penrith

Apple School of Driving Penrith First would like to express our gratitude for taking the time to visit our website. You've come to the perfect location if you want to learn to drive. We started our driving school Penrith to provide high-quality driving training on a comfortable and stress-free path. Over time, we expanded to incorporate a variety of research sites We are a professional driving school that offers high-quality driving instruction in Penrith and the surrounding area.

The RMS Driving Test areas around Penrith, Kingswood, South Penrith, Cambridge Park are the areas in which most driving lessons are conducted. Areas that include traffic lights, roundabouts, quiet streets, main roads, multi-lane roads, and various types of intersections are used for pre-testing. Students are tested on ability, skill, and knowledge when preparing for the driving test. New learners will start out in quieter areas then progress to more difficult and complex driving situations.

We understand not everyone who tests at Penrith lives locally so we can meet at a predetermined location.

  • Penrith Train Station
  • KingsWood Station
  • Penrith RMS
  • Jamison Park

Parents are also welcome to bring their children to Penrith for lessons so you can save time and money

Driving School Penrith is the best driving school in Penrith for learning to drive. Learn how to enhance your driving skills and how to properly prepare for your driver's test and beyond. Whether it's for increasing confidence in more difficult driving circumstances or learning how to park properly, we've got you covered. Learning how to drive properly for the first time will prepare you for the rest of your driving career.

Apple Driving School Penrith has qualified instructors who educate our pupils how to drive safely and responsibly on their own. These days, driving on the roadways can be perilous and deadly. There appear to be a lot of dangerous and careless drivers on our highways since there are so many automobiles. Some drivers should definitely not even have a driver's licence, therefore learning to be a safer and wiser driver is crucial.

Start learning the right way from the beginning

In order for learners to learn effectively, they must make errors and mistakes in a controlled environment in order to learn how to prevent making them in the future. This begins to assist them in understanding how they might enhance and refine their driving techniques.

When driving with students, At Apple Driving School Penrith,our instructors plan ahead by offering clear instructions, directions, and examples so that students understand what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.

Apple School of Driving Penrith can provide you with accurate information about your driving lesson requirements the first time you contact us. Contact us immediately for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Driving instructor at Penrith with

RMS Accredited Instructor

Work With Children (WWC) Certified

Certificate IV in Customer service

Police clearance certified

Provide 3 Hrs in Logbook for 1 Hr lesson

Use RMS provided lesson plan and driving test guide

Provide honest advice for package deals and driving test

Locations We Serve - Seven Hill and Toongabbie